Date Added: 03/08/2016
Group: Software
By: David Greaves
L8MS Risk Assessment version Upgrade - August 2016

L8MS Risk Assessment Logo Following requests to use our web risk assessment software on different screen sizes and types of devices we have undergone a revamp of the user interface.  The new fluid layout will resize so you should be able to use L8MS risk on any mobile, tablet or desktop device. As much as possible we have retained the same feel and method of operation, so getting accustomed is as easy as possible.

Some additional Features:
  • Open screen; Instead of going through long lists (especially for those using our residential landlord assessment) to open the Client / Site, there is now a filter on the top of the form.  Type in the whole phrase, a single word or just a few letters and the list beneath will only show results matching those criteria.

  • Multiple survey upload; in the previous version (still available in the drop down menu as legacy) you had to upload each individual survey sheet, check it, then save it to the system.  Now you can select multiple survey files and they will upload in one go saving you time.  It is now also easy to open the survey's afterward to check and make small corrections without re-uploading the surveys.

  • Multiple photo upload; similar to survey uploads the photo's section now has the ability to upload multiple files in one go.  If the image files have been named correctly the files will upload with the filename already filled out (If you try to load more than about 3.5MB in one go the upload will fail, hit the back button and choose a few less files).

  • Descriptive text; on sections that use standard text, like the executive summary and control scheme, you are able to format the text better including colour and multi-level bullets points. This will allow you to highlight anything which requires immediate attention.

  • Printing your assessment; PDF or Word selection options have been merged to an ‘action’ button. (Many users have not discovered the list of available report formats is not fixed, you can build your own company reports using and ordering sections from the L8MS list).

We hope you like the aesthetic and functional changes, which have been based on feedback, please keep it coming.